Why join us? Our Digital Journey

Technology that leaves a lasting impression behind

We work hard to keep our business at the forefront of patient care by embracing innovation and new technology. That’s why we’re investing in Intraoral Scanners across our practice network – bringing the latest in digital dentistry to patients around the country.

It’s a huge step for patient care, offering treatment without the discomfort and mess of traditional impressions. Patients get to see their own smile in 3D, giving them an insight into the care they need and a visual reference for the difference we’re making for them.

This is the power we give our Patient Care Coordinators, with training to make digital dentistry part of every patient’s journey with Clyde Munro. While the technology is faster and more accurate, it also allows for more patient interaction – opening up opportunities for discussing their oral health needs and options around treatments.

It’s better for our patients, our practices and even for our environment too, because digital scans help us reduce materials, waste and transport between labs and practices.

This is the future of dentistry. Join us and make it your future too.

Clyde Munro is constantly investing in state-of-the art technology, training and sustainability. This ensures that we can provide the highest possible standards of care to patients across Scotland.
Fiona Wood Chief Operating Officer
The training provided by Clyde Munro is first class and has allowed me to continue developing my clinical skills.
Nacho Vila Dentist, Edinburgh
There is a hugely collaborative culture at Clyde Munro and our own internal app enables each of our team members to interact and communicate within the wider group.
Nicola Logan Head of Human Resources
The flexibility Clyde Munro has provided gives me the perfect work / life balance. It is easy for me to fit my working time around the demands of having a young family.
Hardeep Basi Dentist, Saltcoats
I find my role rewarding, interesting and, in a good way, challenging. There is a really strong culture within Clyde Munro and people go out of their way to help and support you.
Gemma Bryce Patient Care Coordinator, Edinburgh
At Clyde Munro, we make ourselves an integral part of our local community. We invest in them to make sure we’re part of what makes these communities great.
Carolyn Young Business Growth Manager
Clyde Munro’s investment into digital dentistry enables me to offer the very best in patient care.
Dr Anthony James Dentist, Edinburgh