Why join us? Our Culture

A nationwide network with a family feel

Being a big group doesn’t stop us having our own personality. Every practice in our network has its own individual, distinctive identity that reflects its team and the community it serves. And, at the heart of it all, our team in our Glasgow Support Centre is more like a family – tight-knit, friendly and loyal. While we stay true to our local roots, we aim to make a positive impact on the world.

Committed to the environment

The health of our patients and the health of our planet go hand in hand. We believe being Scotland’s leading dental group means we also need to be the country’s most sustainable. So we’re working to safeguard our natural environment by aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. While that’s all about the energy we use, the resources we consume, how we manage our waste and how we choose our partners, it’s also about our people. Everyone on our team has their own part to play in the journey – helping us find innovative solutions and drive positive change wherever we can.

Progressive people

It’s our shared purpose and strong values that makes us such a strong team, from Kirkwall to Kilwinning.

Across the entire network of practices, we collaborate to provide the best-in-class care across Scotland, to support our local communities and to protect our planet. With a total dedication to our patients, we’re always looking for improvement and innovation – for our patients, for our practices and for our own careers.

So for today, you can expect a friendly working environment and rewarding role. And for the future, you can look forward to our support for your professional ambitions.

How we work

We work together to get things done
The better we collaborate and empower our people, the more we achieve.

We make ourselves an integral part of our local community
We invest in our communities to make sure each practice is a local asset

We excel in our patient experience
Patient care is what we do, and we aim to do it better than anyone else

We do the right thing and deliver on what we say
We keep our promises, inspire trust and set new standards of excellence

We look after everyone connected with us
We’re loyal to everyone we work with – customers, team members, suppliers and neighbours

We look ahead and deliver the future
We seek out innovation to make a positive impact for our patients and our planet

Clyde Munro is constantly investing in state-of-the art technology, training and sustainability. This ensures that we can provide the highest possible standards of care to patients across Scotland.
Fiona Wood Chief Operating Officer
The training provided by Clyde Munro is first class and has allowed me to continue developing my clinical skills.
Nacho Vila Dentist, Edinburgh
There is a hugely collaborative culture at Clyde Munro and our own internal app enables each of our team members to interact and communicate within the wider group.
Nicola Logan Head of Human Resources
The flexibility Clyde Munro has provided gives me the perfect work / life balance. It is easy for me to fit my working time around the demands of having a young family.
Hardeep Basi Dentist, Saltcoats
I find my role rewarding, interesting and, in a good way, challenging. There is a really strong culture within Clyde Munro and people go out of their way to help and support you.
Gemma Bryce Patient Care Coordinator, Edinburgh
At Clyde Munro, we make ourselves an integral part of our local community. We invest in them to make sure we’re part of what makes these communities great.
Carolyn Young Business Growth Manager
Clyde Munro’s investment into digital dentistry enables me to offer the very best in patient care.
Dr Anthony James Dentist, Edinburgh
Having relocated from Perthshire to The Borders, I can say the recruitment process was straightforward. I’m able to take advantage of all of the resources and courses available to me whilst enjoying this beautiful location in Scotland.
Bruce Duguid Dentist, Roxburgh
This role promised to put me at the forefront of dentistry in Scotland, providing growth, support, and an educated team dedicated to delivering excellence. Clyde Munro has delivered in abundance.
Amanda Bassey-Duke Dentist, Perth